Uncertain financial and political times require more from us.

Though the conventional path of least resistance is to step back and watch events unfold, we – as smart, progressive investors – are not bound by convention.

We respond to doubt with action.

We view uncertainty as a summons – A clarion call to look beyond mainstream wisdom – which is anything but – and seek our own truth and personal discovery.

McAlvany Weekly Commentary does not proclaim to hold “the answer.” It does not pretend to be a truth bearer on high.

From its inception, it has sought to look deeper, analyze more extensively, and ask better questions.

At the helm is host David McAlvany, a man who has been preparing for his role as lead economic investigator and world news maven his entire life.

At the age of 6, David delivered his first speech on inflation standing atop a coffee table and wearing a three-piece suit.

He spent his childhood traveling extensively with his father to Africa, Asia, the Middle East, and Europe. During that time, David received a priceless and in many ways unparalleled education on geopolitical, social, economic, and intelligence developments around the world.

One could argue that David’s role as a reluctant hero of progressive thinking is inherent in his bloodline.

David’s father, Don McAlvany, is the founder of ICA (a leading provider of investment solutions) and editor of the McAlvany Intelligence Advisor (a renowned monthly newsletter that analyzes global economic, social and political developments.)

For the past decade, David has been a sought-after speaker and thought leader, presenting on both national and international television and at major conferences. With Weekly Commentary, his goal was to expand the dialogue of truth-seeking and connect with a wider audience of like-minded individuals on the same journey.

The objective of McAlvany Weekly Commentary is to provide investors with valuable monetary, economic, geopolitical and financial information that cannot be found on Wall Street.

As a listener, each week you’ll enjoy relevant discussions from David and a revolving cast of internationally-renowned economists, authors, and financial advisors.

As an investor, you will be given a solid strategy of wealth preservation for your financial and retirement assets, and gain insight into better navigating our uncertain world and unstable economy.

Be sure to tune in every Wednesday to download your weekly show.


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